Current Projects

I like to keep busy and try my hand at many disciplines. Listed below are some of my active current projects. These range from services for hire to conceptual systems to retail products all unique but all joined by a desire to craft something special both out of the pride of a job well done and out of the desire to solve a problem or provide a solution.

Cold Brew Coffee Liquor

My hipster indulgence, small batch seasonal roasted coffee steeped in vodka over time to produce an awesome cold brew coffee liquor. I use the term liquor as I add very little sugar to the drink, preferring to let the profile of the beans through.

Stove & Joy

Wood fired artisan pizza, what could be simpler. We can set Gusto, our wood burning oven up in almost any location to cater your event with pizzas topped with seasonally inspired toppings.

Something Nice

This started back in 2008 making cupcakes and chocolate fudge favours but has grown in artisan doughnuts, completely made from scratch given a slow fermentation. All the fillings are home made and range from the classic to more interesting such as a fennel seed & gooseberry jam to toffee apple & rum.

Retail Accounts System

Stove Top Brewing